Tuesday, March 18, 2008

cat scratch fever!

long weekend is coming up and i can't wait! there are a few things that i want to do during my days off.
- adventure to la bamboche and get some more yummy macarons and have brian taste some
- frame my "keep calm and carry on" print (arrived in the mail safe and sound)
- go to ikea to find some odd pieces to create a cat tree for my new feline dudes (roosevelt & boss)

my grey kitty mow-mow passed away on march 7th, 2008. we had to put her down due to mammary cancer. she was an absolute angel and the sweetest cat, i still get sad thinking about her. i like to think that she's off somewhere in a land filled with green grass and all the treats she could possibly eat. or she was re-incarnated into a cute little girl with glasses who likes to skip and play hop-scotch and say "oh yeah? that's really exciting!!!!"

my new cats are really agile and i know they're itching to climb and scratch. there's so many cat trees/scratchers available but so many of them are soo sooo ugly!!!! here are some alternatives to the uglies (mind you, they are not cheap!)

cheeky chaise by marmalade pets

bent plywood scratcher by modern critter

pounce and nap scratchers by everyday studio

kitty pod by kitty pod

each of these run anywhere from $90.00 - $400.00!!! yeah..i'm not paying that much for a piece of cat furniture. i'd probably have a better time making one myself.

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