Sunday, March 30, 2008

my foot hurts...can i go to the nurse?

another craigslist find...a kidney shaped footstool with teak legs. it's quite sturdy and adds another seat to our living room. i think we might re-upholster it with another fabric at some point...perhaps with a print textile.

we did a long overdue tidy of our apartment today. i did the living room while brian did our bedroom. upon finishing up the bedroom, brian suggested rearranging our "office/workspace".
this is the best picture i could find of the space before, kinda messy messy
and this is after a switcheroo, some arranging and a throw away of my various scraps

the space is utilized better and looks neater. our bedroom looks a lot different, now that we have changed up the tables. the cats lost their look-out spot but we'll get something that'll act as storage or whatever to put near the window. i feel like i can do more things in here now and be more productive, which is the important thing.

i can't wait for the weather to be warmer so i can freely open the window and let the breeze come in.

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