Wednesday, April 9, 2008

open one and there's another

i have been a big fan of the russian matryoshka dolls for a while now, even before the big craze hit the blog world. there used to be a little russian shop close to my old apartment. it all began with buying a silly u.s.a presidents nesting doll set...then i kept buying more and more. until eventually my love for them was inked onto my skin. i think i really love the motherly and feminine appeal to them. their faces look so trusting and since there are many of them...they're like family.
i recently got involved with a nesting doll swap over the internet. i know exactly how i'm going to execute them, they're going to be pretty and simple. i have to finish fast though...the deadline is coming up in just over a week!!!! i hope i get some pretty nice ones in return.

Freddy Mercury

some marine life..and various dogs
and uhh...random personalized family...?

i can't wait to finish mine off....but then i have to send it away. so it kind of sucks.

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