Thursday, October 9, 2008

stepping it up to the next level

i haven't been updating this blog as of late, i guess i've been busy and what not.
the summer months have past and now we are well into autumn. autumn just happens to be my favourite makes me feel warm, i jump into covers and i wear layers.

last month, brian and i went to new york city for a five day adventure. we stayed in the east village at an amazing guest house called the east village bed & coffee, walked around a ton, visited the moma, new york aquarium, brooklyn bridge, coney island, all sorts of stores and just had a gay ol' time. on our last nite in new york city, exhausted from a long day out, chillin' in our room in our pyjamas...brian got down on his knees and asked me to marry him. shock and excitement filled my body, as i said yes to my future husband. ever since then i have been researching venues for the wedding/reception, getting ideas for a dress, decor and theme. we have decided on a fall look out october '09 we're heading your way!!!!


lola m. bean said...

rizie those dresses are tres magnifique! love that style.

..tied up with string.. said...

thanks laura...i really want my dress to be super comfy and cute. i don't want to have to get three people to help me pee!

detuckyfriedchicken said...

Iwill wipe your ass if need be Riz

..tied up with string.. said...

thanks clara! i will take you up on that offer!!!!!!!!