Thursday, November 12, 2009

we are official!

updating hasn't happend much lately on here. i used to be an online journaling freak! hmm....let me see, here's an update...i am now a married lady! brian and i got married on october 17 at the enoch turner schoolhouse in front of all of our loved ones, it was a very magical day filled with lots of love and laughter. here's a photo below to prove it!

don't we look cute?

my dress was completely handmade by brian's amazing mom, a design inspired by a dress from the 2008 oscar de la renta bridal line . the cocktail hat was handmade and ordered from etsy. i forgoed the traditional flower bouquets for my ladies and and opted for wrist corsages. each of them was made by my sister sheila, from left over fabric from our dresses (sheila, kristy and dj's dresses were made by brian's mom as well!). and last but not least, the biggest and only splurge on my outfit: blue patent leather christian louboutin gold tipped heels! you can see them in a previous post i had made months earlier.

and let's not forget brian, he looked absolutely dashing! after looking at various suit stores, as well as high-end suit options..brian decided to get a custom made suit from gotstyle (with a suggestion from miss clara gold). his shirt & bowtie were purchased from harry rosen and his loafers from cole haan. i would say that brian's outfit was a lot more money involved than mine but what the hell? you only get married once....well hopefully in our case.

all in all, it was a joyous, happy, amazing, hilarious and honestly an expensive affair. with so much help from friends, some handmade & hardworked items here and there and a lovely catering staff, the event went off perfectly to say the least! i can't help but look back at that day and smile. it's a day that we and hopefully, our family friends will never forget.


yesnoyes said...

Ah Riz, it was all that and so much more!!!! A day we will all never forgot!
love you guys!!

rjr said...

aww clara! thank you so much. i'm so happy you all had such a great time. having friends like you make these days that much better...

karyn said...

that is an incredible photo. congrats married lady!!!

rjr said...

thanks karyn!