Thursday, November 25, 2010

Amish Accomplished

My Amish Bars quilt is finished!

I actually finished it over the weekend while some friends were over. Talk, sip red wine, stitch, talk, sip red wine, stitch & so on & so forth. It is a very rewarding feeling to have completed this project & I am very happy with the results.

the front

the back

close up of the binding

making new friends with my couch & pillows

While I was out running errands today, I picked up some inexpensive fabrics to start another project. I chose a pattern that you wouldn't traditionally see on a quilt. It caught my eye as I was walking past the store, the pattern is pretty awesome in my opinion.  I should start on it quite soon while my momentum is up. 

I now know what I want for Xmas...Sampler Quilt 2 class c/o The Workroom (pfft..where else?)


anabela / fieldguided said...

Whoa, it looks great! Must feel real good!

Rizie said...

feels mighty mighty fine...

tinder said...

lovely, beautiful work! & this time i know you made this one ;)

Rizie said...

aww thanks Tinder folks!


That is one amazing quilt! Congrats :)