Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shop Local Gift Guide

The ever so sweet Anabela of Fieldguided asked a few fellow Toronto bloggers (myself included!) to contribute to part 1 of her shop local gift guide. It was pretty fun putting this list together...most of the items are in my possession & there are a few items that I still have to pick up (just waiting for the perfect opportunity to brace Queen St. W. foot traffic).

my contribution

There's a ton of wonderful things on the rest of the list. Celine mentioned a pair of cement pearl earrings that look pretty pretty cool.

Mind you, there's something for everyone out there; whether you're looking to spend $100 or $15!

Or, $0 if you make something yourself! I am currently on my third attempt at making a doll for my nephew. The first doll, I used the pattern maker's instructions & I didn't like the way the arms & legs were attached. The second doll, to my dismay the fabric kept ripping at the seams. Well, let's hope that this third time is a charm *fingers crossed*

P.S. Brian, if you are reading this..please erase everything that you have seen ;)

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Jenny Morris said...

your collage was my favorite out of all fieldguided collages - i am determined to get those owl mugs - i have wanted similar ones for three years if you can believe it, always on the lookout! they are from toronto right?? ill be in the t dot till january!