Monday, February 14, 2011


May cupid's arrow find you...or not. In any case, hope you have a swell Valentine's Day. Yeah, yeah I know it's a Hallmark holiday & it's a piece of shit but I just can't help myself from giving Brian little presents on this day. What can I say? I love giving people gifts, especially when I know them so well. I love giving people handshakes & highfives too. To give those, you don't even have to know the person!

Last year on Valentine's Day, Brian & I attended a letterpress workshop at Bookhou. It was really fun hanging out with Davis & Adam & eating lots of popcorn & treats.

love you so hard

This year, Brian & I planned to make dinner at home but when Joel mentioned that a new menu had been introduced at Zocalo, we quickly made reservations. It's pretty awesome to have such talented friends making great food.....& for a good price to boot!

So whatever you do tonight, whether it's some crazy romantical evening where there is rose petals involved (blahh borring), sitting on your couch petting your cat (a personal favourite), burning old love letters & photos of a crummy ex (buuurrrn) or just simply smiling & being grateful that you have a shit load of friends & a family that LOVE you! I hope you have a wonderful evening.


mishkebob said...

this post tickled my warm and fuzzies... specially that last paragraph. burning things is fun too.
hope you have a nice dinner :D

yesnoyes said...

Hallmark my ass!!