Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Proper Fit

I haven't been posting on here as much as I would like. I guess I have been busy...I have been busy getting my crossfit on. For the past almost two months, my Monday/Wednesday/Friday evenings & Saturday mornings have been spent at The Academy of Lions. In this auto garage turned psycho gym I lift, jump & pull my way to a better feeling me. I cannot tell you enough how much this workout has boosted my confidence - just ask my friends..I talk about this place so much they think I am in a cult.

c/o Strive Performance

This month is Kettlebell skills month. The kettlebell actually looks like a kettle - except it weighs a ton!

c/o boystomenblogazine
More than anything my main goal is to get stronger.....that & to achieve a healthy body that I have never had before.

Maybe I'll gain the courage to post before & after pics....maybe.

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iris said...

Oh man. I am working towards a similar goal, although I just do frequent hot power yoga. It can be such a challenge!

Good luck with your goals!