Monday, November 1, 2010


Have I been living under a rock? I just stumbled upon Tinder's website while looking for a hottie/hot water bottle (my body is aching from weekend festivities). They have some really nicely designed products, I especially love the hurricane lanterns & flasks. If I had a fireplace that I was confident in using (we have an apartment fireplace - the thought of firing it up scares me), I'd definitely consider storing wood in a Logmatic Splitting Basket.

Best of all is that Tinder is a Canadian based online store. Now, where is my credit card?!


tinder said...


what a lovely surprise! so thrilled you've discovered us! thanks so much for the super kind post about Tinder, been perusing your intriguing blog, your quilt craftwork is beautiful :)

rjr said...

Your website is amazing! Oh, I can't take credit for the quilts from a previous post, they're made by a few etsy sellers. They're etsy stores are in the links below the quilts pictured. I am however making a few quilts for myself & have made a sampler quilt previously.