Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Toast UK Men's AW 10 Catalogue

Toast is an online shop from the UK, they offer products for men, women, your home & travel necessities. The men's AW10 catalogue  showed up in my mail box yesterday - I think I ordered a catalogue for each category!
Their products range from glass flip top jars to wool blankets to tailored jackets. "Rustic-luxe" comes to mind when I try to think of a word to describe the store.

The catalogue is really nice, it reads much like a high-end magazine. So many handsome men are featured too!


Rachelle said...

i just found this amazing store in Oxford! Thomas and I both want that Orange coat ;)

Jenny Morris said...

i just found your blog through a comment on stay fancy free that your left! I'm living in Montreal, and am excited to see your from Toronto! I'll be there in may!

Rizie said...

Hi Jenny. Are you going to be living in Toronto or are you just coming here to visit? Toronto is a fun city, if you want any suggestions let me know ;)