Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bars of Amish

In late October I started another quilt class at The Workroom. I really do enjoy the act of making a quilt, it's quite calming & satisfying.

I originally picked out a few fabrics from Designer Fabrics but as soon as I stepped into The Workroom, my whole colour palette & fabric choices changed (as per usual). So I purchased more fabric, whose colours I liked better.

The flowered fabric I bought in Hamilton last year while shopping for wedding dress fabric. It's a vintage fabric & cost me $1.00 a yard! I bought the same pattern but in blue as well.

Here is part of my quilt top sewn, it's ready to have the left side slashed off.

Me, in our makeshift workspace, our dining room. Fortunately enough, our table stretches out pretty far & lots of light comes in.
I've got a bit of the crazy face going

Top & bottom of my quilt top all sewn together.
Roosevelt approves

When I attended the second class, everyone helped baste my quilt (attaching the top, batting & bottom). We used 100 curved safety pins to do so. Mind you, this quilt is only 40" x 56", so I couldn't imagine basting a Queen sized one! Maybe one day...perhaps.

Once it was basted, I started machine quilting with a walking foot attachment.
 (crappy phone photo)

I will continue to machine quilt until my heart contents. Perhaps put in some fancy lines & such? Yes, fancy lines & such.


hannah, heart city said...

wow looks great! looks like kitty approves :-)

Rizie said...

Thanks! Seems like when you put anything down on the floor, cats like to lay or sit on it.