Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Years of Wonder

After seeing a clip on a friend's Facebook wall, I hurriedly looked up more clips via Youtube. "The Wonder Years" has always had a dear spot in my heart. I remember watching the first episode when it was originally on, it first aired when I was only about 7 years old. My older brother was the same age as Kevin Arnold so he thought it was pretty cool that there was a show that chronicled some of the same events as him.
Anyways, I remember watching it & thinking if something like that was going to happen to me when I was older, you know..falling in love with the neighbour, having my first kiss under a tree under sad circumstances & letting a boy hold my hand. Some of these occurrences did happen but not in that particular order or in that manner (it wasn't the same at all). I had my first kiss at a dance (not with my neighbour). A few friends of mine had called me that day to tell me that he was going to kiss me. I felt so awkward walking up to the dance while people made kissy faces. When it did finally happen, all of my friends "ooohed & awwwed" and tackled the both of us with excitement. What a weird bunch of kids we all were.

Kevin Arnold was certainly the type of boy that I would've dug in highschool, he wasn't a jock or a nerd..he was somewhat in the middle. He had that sweet & sometimes dramatic side to him. He didn't have any trouble showing his emotions, he cried every so often. This particular clip always gets me.

Winnie & Kevin's relationship was always off & on. They seemed to get along better when they weren't together. It almost made for a better episode when Kevin was trying his hardest to win her heart. And when he did win her heart, she always managed to break his.

The music in "The Wonder Years" played such a big part of the show. It's one of the reasons why it hasn't been released to DVD yet. Imagine trying to get the rights to all of those songs? Six seasons worth! The last song at my wedding was "With a Little Help From My Friends", which was fitting because so much of that day couldn't have happened without them.

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