Friday, February 25, 2011

No Sweaty Neti

I'm sick. I have a cold & a cough. My eyes are watering, so much that I looked like a sad sad girl riding the subway.

Yesterday I bought a neti-pot. I have been meaning to purchase one of these tea pots for the nose for quite sometime. When I got home last night, I concocted a saline recipe that I got off the web. I hurriedly went into the bathroom to try out my new regimen. I tilted my head as directed but eventually my shirt was soaked with the salty solution. I tried again..SUCCESS! In one nostril & out the other! I immediately felt better, my nasal passages were watery but clear.

After my first session, I laid in bed, ate pho, watched "Big Love" & then re-watched "Last Days of Disco". A double Chloe Sevigny feature of sorts.

Watching "Big Love" & then "Last Days of Disco", I noticed something - Miss Sevigny does not age....

for Opening Ceremony

with Kate Beckinsale in "Last Days of Disco"

What is her secret?

Director, Whit Stillman is absolutely hilarious. So many quick whitted lines & commentary revolving around "haute, doomed-bouregois yuppies". I thought "Metropolitan" was really good & I still have to check out"Barcelona". It's on my list.

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mishkebob said...

i tried a neti-pot made me gag, cough and almost barf.. i guess i did it wrong cuz all the warm salty water went down my throat. i no like. but you were successful - sweeeet.

the word verification i have to type is gagohil.