Friday, March 4, 2011

February Adventure

I am really glad that our province has instilled a holiday in the month of February. It's a nice little break during the dreary winter month.

To fully take advantage of the holiday, we treated ourselves to a visit to Collingwood. After a scary & somewhat white out conditioned road trip, we arrived at Le Scandinave, where we had massages, engulfed ourselves inside a eucalyptus filled steam room & sat inside a quiet creaky sauna, all the while trying not to burst out laughing. A few people gawked at my tattoos but hey, who the fuck cares? The next day, we trotted around the Scenic Caves grounds on snowshoes. We stayed on a moderate trail but we opted to go uphill instead of downhill, my my my what a workout! I think we "shoed" around for over two hours!

We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast that was situated inside a really old turn of the century Victorian home. Our room was a bit cold but the luxe tiger print wallpaper made up for it. The place had tons of doors, I mean of the doors in our room led up to the attic. I had no desire to go up those stairs. None, whatsoever.

luxe tigers
It's like a Victorian style "Archie, Betty & Veronica"
going over the suspension bridge - 300 metres high!
little bunny footprints in the snow...cute!

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