Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Few New Things

What is it about foxes that make them so darn cute?  
Are foxes becoming "the new cat"? It's quite possible...but could you imagine having one as a pet? There's an interesting article in National Geographic about the domestication process of animals, with a focus on foxes in Serbia.

Taming the Wild, National Geographic

While on the topic of foxes, I wanted to share some photos of my new mug.

Huge cup of Cocomama Lime tea & vanilla custard filled Portuguese doughnut
Sip, sip, sip
Oh, hai there fox!

 Now I am going to steer away from the topic foxes & show you some newly acquired S. Korean goodies from my dear friend Marilina. She came home to visit for a bit before starting a new teaching contract. She presented me with a few notebooks, long little cloth bags, a matryoshka doll card & little tiny vase (not pictured). 

& on a whole entirely different topic, my ten week Sampler Quilt 2 classes finished this past Thursday! Photos from Thursday's class shall appear soon. 

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