Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Camped & Camping

Growing up our family didn't really "camp", my parent's would sometimes set a tent up for us in the backyard & let us sleep in there. As a teenager, my friends & I would would set up & booze in Brant Park, still that wasn't really camping. As an adult, I went on my first Ontario Provincial Park camping trip last year. Some friends & a dog named Kevin set up for four days in Bon Echo - a truly beautiful park with deep waters & high escarpments. This Summer we booked an even bigger campsite in Bon Echo...I cannot wait! It even has a lookout point!

tarot reading
filipino barbeque
bon ehco
salt water sandals
sparkle water
boys of summer
dragon cons
some smiles

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kevin said...

wow bbq's i like bbq's during camping hehehe. or grilled pork. During my high school days when we are in camping, i am the one who cooked for their food, after cooking i'd go directly to my camping tents and eat a little. heheheh