Thursday, September 1, 2011

Miss You My Little Buddy

It's been a little over 3 weeks since we put our sweet cat Boss to sleep. I miss him each & everyday that passes. He was such a good little (but big) cat - the sweetest, most timid.
We recently received a card from Dr. Fisher at Queen West Vets, expressing her sympathies. It was such a sweet & lovely note, she even included a paw print from Boss (which made me sob upon seeing it). Although we see our animals as just being "pets", we become quite attached to them over time. They're our little buddies that we see when we get home from work, they're our pals that we sometimes talk to when we're frustrated (I do, at least) & most of all they're our best furball friends.


tinder said...

aw, so sorry to hear it, been there too & know how you feel, hang in there... :(
[my tabby had the most unimaginative name ever: kitty...should have been killer as far as local chipmunk population goes, but anyway, best pal in the world]

Rizie said...

aww..thanks for your kind wishes Tinder