Monday, November 14, 2011

I Is On the Interwebs

A girl took my picture last week while I was on my lunch break & I ended up on a blog in their street style feature. Here I am on Best Fan's website with some musicians, students & other young people.

I am sooo fucking cool. 


mishkebob said...

you ARE so fucking cool.

you know, some days when I think I have a fantastic outfit/hairstyle happening, I secretly wish someone would ax me to pose while they take a pic for their style blog. therefore you are my current hero.

the secret word that i have to type in order to leave this comment (to prove i am not spam) is "fadge".

Rizie said...

FADGE!!! Hahahaha! FADGINA!

hannah, heart city said...

great outfit!! you do look fucking cool, haha. I like your blog a lot!